Art has always been a part of my life - whether making collages in the basement as a child or adding visuals to my first poetry website - always fun and therapudic. Right now I make fine art photography. Juxtaposition, tension, beauty and light against darkness - almost never people as subjects. I have my own personal reference language I keep coming back to whether the view is abstract or swings more towards photo realism.


This site sampling of my work - they are things that drive me to grab my camera and lose myself in the moment whether staged or on the fly. Enjoy!


1976 - 1978 Art Students League (NY)

1978 - 1980 School of Visual Arts (NY)  

Grants & Awards

2015   The Exposure Award (Still Life Collection)

2014   The Exposure Award (Landscape and Interior)


2020   Best of 2020

2015   The 6th Annual Exposure Award

2014   The Exposure Award


Online Sales - Saatchi Art

Exhibitions & Festivals

2021   Art House Virtual Fridays

           Las Laguna Gallery  Women in Art

           See Me Art In Transition

           Artsy Shark Winter Showcase

2020   Art House Virtual Fridays

           Cary Photographic Artists

           JCAST Live!

2019   HCC Pop-Up Shop

           JCAST Pershing Field Gallery

2018   JCAST St Paul's Church

2017   Art Over Miami

2016   Art Over TImes Square



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