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Art has always been a part of my life - whether making collages in the basement as a child or adding visuals to my first poetry website - always fun and therapudic. Right now I make fine art photography. Juxtaposition, tension, beauty and light against darkness - almost never people as subjects. I have my own personal reference language I keep coming back to whether the view is abstract or swings more towards photo realism.


This site sampling of my work - they are things that drive me to grab my camera and lose myself in the moment whether staged or on the fly. Enjoy!


1976 - 1978 Art Students League (NY)

1978 - 1980 School of Visual Arts (NY)  


2021   The Found Object (Praxis Gallery)

2020   Best of 2020

2015   The 6th Annual Exposure Award

2014   The Exposure Award


Grants & Awards

2015   The Exposure Award (Still Life Collection)

2014   The Exposure Award (Landscape and


Exhibitions & Festivals

2022   Art Room Gallery - Abstract

           Light  Space & Time Art - Abstracts

           Grey Cube Gallery - Open


2021   Art House - Virtual Fridays

           Las Laguna Gallery - Women in Art

           See Me - Art In Transition

           Artsy Shark - Winter Showcase

           Praxis Gallery - The Found Object

           Art Show Intl. - Still Life

           Art Gallery 118 - Time and Tide

           J. Mane Gallery - SnapShot

           Art Room Contemporary - Botanicals

           Light Space & Time Art - 555 Special

2020   Art House - Virtual Fridays

           Cary Photographic Artists

           JCAST Live!

2019   HCC Pop-Up Shop

           JCAST - Pershing Field Gallery

2018   JCAST - St Paul's Church

2017   Art Over Miami

2016   Art Over TImes Square

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